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The Be All & End All

Whartson Hall Mk.1  had a few novel features which it has been decided to add Mk.2. It was intended to use much of Mk.1 in the construction of Mk.2, but due some unseen oversight Mk.2 was not the same size as Mk.1 so we had to start again from square one.


How to disguise the exit of a train from the scenic part of  the layout to the operational (fiddle-yard) part perennially occupies the mind and some achieve the transition far better than others. Personally, I find the sudden turn left or right at the end of a model rather a shame when the rest of the model creates a good atmosphere, but those violent turns ruin the effect. We have over the years struggled with the problem and our main layout (Waterstock) now manages the problem reasonably well although the sudden hook left on Tame branch could be better disguised. A second problem has been how to dispense leaflets and club propaganda without everything looking cluttered. Waterstock managed it with some clear plastic holders which hang off the front of model and do not look  too obtrusive because of the size of the model (say 20ft). This is effective but when used on smaller models detracts from the overall presentation.


I attempted to solve the problem on Whartson Mk1. by integrating the scenic breaks with a “platform” to act as a dispenser for club literature and the model name (see left). I hoped this would remove the need for leaflet  dispensers and a large sign above the layout containing the name (less clutter to be remembered and carted about and less room in the car taken

up). Remember it was to taken round by two members in a family car.

The basics are simple if you look below. As with all Whartson Hall Mk1 construction, both the end sections were made from off-cuts from the useful drawer. If you look you can see how the gluing and screwing puts all the odd bits together.  The holes marked with a  “O”  take pins located in base modules edge which hold the unit in place so it can used as a leaflet dispenser. While the large arrows show the entrances and exists for running trains onto and off the stage. Its all very straight forward but I was pleased with result when the facing sides were decorated with the back-drop

Whartson Hall

Trains enter through here and pass through holes in the facia.

showing the road-bridge and pylons/trees at the Brum end. It seemed a very neat solution and disguised the transition of rolling on and off stage very well while being quick and easy to transport and set up.

Text Box: This proves yet again what can be done with a few awkward off-cuts. 
There is no such thing as “waste material”!