Vol 20 Issue 3          September 2017

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Text Box: Chairman: Ken Jones 
0121 777 7062 
Email: westernsultan@hotmail.co.uk 
Treasurer: Edgar Mason



West Midlands’ N’ Gauge Club

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Text Box: From The Chairman
Just back from another successful TINGS where the club had two of its layouts and three members’ layouts. A busy weekend, but very enjoyable and thanks to all our readers who came and introduced themselves to us, as well as all the other people interested in our club, our newsletter and our layouts.
We send out over 250 electronic copies of the newsletter once a quarter and in the last newsletter we asked if anyone would help us with publicity. No-one came forward but undeterred we had an article published in the Model Bus Federation Journal and another one in a magazine distributed in parts of Worcestershire plus we have written a similar article for a Coventry based magazine. Publicity at TINGS for our group was very good with Tony & Jane’s Ashburton layout being published in Model Rail Magazine, and Vince producing special boards for the event which drew a lot of
people onto the stand. Thanks must also go to Claire who organised various fleeces etc. with our logo on, in time for the weekend.
Our goal is to get Whartson Hall built and running by TINGS 2018. The dates for next year’s event are September 8th and 9th.
I’m coming to the end of my 20th year as chairman – still no volunteers to replace me – so a big thank you to everyone who over the years have helped to make the club so successful. My thoughts are to those who are no longer with us but whose contributions are everlasting within the club.
Ken Jones
Text Box: Report  on  TINGS


Ken Jones will be out with some of his layouts during the autumn. Christine and Rodney Hodge continue to exhibit their layouts. Charlieville complete with extension was at the Swindon event at the time of TINGS this year but we hope they will go to TINGS with it next year.

Derek Purves has confirmed that ill health now stops him attending the club – our best wishes go to him and his wife.

Mike Turner and Len Bane have been well enough to attend recent club meetings and it’s great to see them back.

Jane Minchin helped by Tony is building a modern image layout and we might even see it in 2018.

Vince Painter is well advanced with his modified layout, to be called Bescut & Walshed (Blochescwic has been temporarily retired), we hope he will have it at TINGS next year.


On the 16 Sept Dave and Mike took Tipton Hills to the Trent Valley Club show in Lichfield, once again it was well liked by the public, on the down side the hand held kpc controller decided to give up the ghost, so I purchased a cheap, used one to get us out the muck. All in all a great little show, with the club members helping us in with the layout. DG





Hello everybody it’s me, the one who publishes the website and comes up the appalling rubbish you have to wade through occasionally these days.


Please note that I have been hidden in a corner and camouflaged, even.


God I look awful! I shouldn’t be allowed out you know and certainly not on my own; wait a minute Dave must be holding the camera!  You might have got my best side young sir, wait, he did, I’m worse than I thought.         MPT