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Doctor, Doctor ……………?

I used to do articles on the provision of various buildings and items for the model of Water Orton which was then in production, when it was decided that two such large exhibition models as Waterstock and Water Orton could not be financially or physically supported by the club due to transport costs etc., so I ceased to produce them.


I had at that time begun to work on one probably more in the public eye than most, the doctors surgery. Recent developments have indicted that we will require that same model for another and smaller layout (Whartson Hall Mk.2) so I have resurrected the unfinished article and updated some of the pictures.


As you can see from the picture below, the surgery was originally a square or diamond shape, depending on where you are standing! There occurred an extension to house a larger office space, this being the bit which sticks out into the car-park. The internal fittings remained the same with the waiting room situated below the cluster of four sky-lights in the roof.

If Whartson 2 is to proceed it will require photos of the building so ever one to oblige here are some snaps taken and held until required and also have taken some more because some of my early ones have disappeared into the dust of ages. (It looks like I’ve lost them)


Much remains as was with only a few detail differences and some ageing, in fact far more has taken place on the railway itself. The adjacent station carpark is much busier (quite often full) and the station itself has now acquired more seating; train spotters for the use of, as their in the open.


Text Box: The of the view of the car park. Taken facing the railway from the entrance to the surgery.
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