Tipton Hills

We should look at the electrics. Dodgy running here, struggles there, no power at that bit, voltage drop over there! If we moved that over slightly we would have better running, if we had an extra siding there…  Suffice to say most of the scenery disappeared, so did the track, the trackbed was improved, gradients made easier, saggy bits “un-sagged”, curves eased etc. etc.

After much soul searching, prayer, fasting and mumbling (traditional railway modelling), the team had the model back to it’s “original” condition and ready for running,  and all that had been done was to replace the scenery, replace the track bed, replace the track, replace the electrics and I think “beef-up” the baseboard!!! Still, it did retain the feel of the original, but was greatly enhanced by now having flexible scenery. No, I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it, so I have included a picture of the innovation during certain teething problems.

The pictures shown have been taken recently but as you can see it is only partially complete. The scenery was largely undecorated and a small extension cum fiddleyard was to be created to the left of the board. Also it was also decided to add a station to the foreground with platforms for expresses and the branch line. We take the view that “nothing stands still”, which is why so many of our members have survived a considerable number of exhibitions;   Bad targets!!!                             MPT                                                                                                        

Our 3rd model is a small and easily portable “rabbit warren” type layout. Two large hills provide cover for much weaving about, appearing and disappearing. It is still under discussion as to what type of model trains will run on the tracks but it seems that the model is such that almost any hilly area in the world could be represented.

The model itself was built many years ago, in roughly the same format, and was rescued by Chairman Ken, who suggested it be overhauled and used as an easily transportable extra model for exhibition visits. It was decided that renovation was a good idea and it should be fully refurbished and used to entertain the younger generation to get a taste of modelling a railway.

The layout was duly “christened” or should it be “nicknamed” with a nomenclature which while not rude is probably best left unstated here.

Like most refurbishment projects it started with a certainty that only a few bits would need to cleaned up or replaced, which could be done easily and cheaply; like most house/car renovations! The “bonnet” was lifted and the conservationists crawled underneath to examine the exactly how much really needed to be done after its’ years of storage. Need I say more!

Work began to overhaul the scenics; that bit needed redoing, that bit had suffered in storage, that bit had sagged etc.etc.

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Many thanks to those at the International N Gauge Exhibition who took the time to chat and express an interest in the model.

We had large numbers of visitors who asked the dimensions, and we did not know the answer”.

Shame on us!!!


Overall 60”x28”    Original Board 46”x28”

I would strongly recommend that the above plan be used as a template if modern locos are to be run - 72”x30”.

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The Flexible scenery shown with a demonstration of its benefits.