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Text Box: The servo edition starter kit controls 24 servo channels right put of the box. Its new design features a no soldering approach with plug and play mimic panel assembly. All buttons and LEDs are connected with pre made leads that are simply pushed in place.
Starter kit highlights
Plug and play – no soldering when hooking up your mimic panel.
Starts at 24 control channels – easily expanded to 192.
Feedback enabled. Can display up to 192 feedback channels when expanded.
Each indicator channel drives a pair of LEDs for ON/ON route indication.
Includes four Solenoid Controllers for 24 solenoid control right out of the box.
Includes quick start guide and video.
Easy linking to other mimic panels for cooperative control.
Can also run Solenoid Controllers alongside Servo Controllers in a mixed setup.
Easily integrates to our hardware Route Processor.  
With this kit you can hook up your solenoid controllers to points. Layout wiring is massively reduced as there’s only one cable connecting the MultiPanel to all Servo Controllers.
Each LED channel drives a pair of LEDS, so for turnout indication its easy to see which way the route is set.
The MultiPanel contained within this starter kit also has feedback display. This means you can set up block detection and turnout position indication on your layout for up to 192 feedback channels. This information is sent back up the network cable and displayed via your MultiPanel feedback port.
The kit starts at 24 channel control and is easily and inexpensively expanded up to 192 switch channels.
The kit includes:
1 x MultiPanel Processor (plug-n-play)
4 x Solenoid Controllers (24 points)
4 x Solenoid Controller hook up cables
1 x MultiPanel LED cable (with 2 x LEDs)
1 x MultiPanel button cable
1 x MultiPanel panel mount button
4 x MultiPanel expansion board cables
2 x Network cables (50cm)
4 x Pullup jumpers (fitted)
Starter Kit Solenoid Quick Start Guide (plug-n-play)
MultiPanel User Guide V2
Solenoid Driver user guide
 £216 only
Text Box: Grandson of Mothballs Pt.2

As you can see I have investigated further and discovered that the company has moved forward, not only can I use servos, but they have produced a version of the equipment which will allow the use of solenoids. This is good news, not only will be I able to use everything “in situ” but I will not need more equipment to be fitted.


There does seem to be a requirement for somewhat more computer equipment than I have first thought. The number of boards required has multiplied and therefore the cost has multiplied as well. As you can see in the photo below, the amount of bits to be connected and the room required to accommodate them has grown quite a lot.


Since I started this article “Brexit” has had a few unfortunate side effects (do tell), the pound has collapsed and the cost of electronic hardware from China has risen sharply, presumably this will have had a detrimental  effect on the costing estimated. Just how detrimental I haven’t yet found out, but if rises in the cost locos is anything to go by, a lot!


I don’t wish to say I told you so, but “ I will bet a pound to a penny that something will ensure that all does not go smoothly”. Ah well “ the plans of mice and men”.